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South Western Financial Network and Insurance ServicesHelping you create your desired financial future

Our continually expanding business creates exceptional opportunities for bright, committed, passionate and principled people who seek to launch or advance an exciting career in the financial services field.

We are always looking for talent that can help our clients navigate the shoals of an ever more complex, demanding and rapidly changing financial world.  With South Western Financial Network and Insurance Services, you can build a new career or substantially propel one that is already well developed.

In return, we can supply you with a stimulating, fulfilling and remunerative professional life.  Working with our collegial team at South Western Financial Network and Insurance Services, you can help the company’s successful and motivated clients further their financial futures and those of their families. We will provide you with the support, skills, training structure, professional affiliations and client base necessary to help you realize your full potential.

Our Managing Partner, John Andraos, began this firm in 2011.  John’s previous firm, Andraos Capital Management operated from 1989 until 2009.  While our name has changed, our commitment and expertise continues to provide high-net worth individuals, families and privately-held businesses with outstanding services.

We invite you to consider a fulfilling career or association with our company.  Please contact our Managing Partner, John Andraos to schedule a meeting and learn about the exciting opportunities at South Western Financial Network and Insurance Services.