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If you are a certified public accountant specializing in tax practices for high-net-worth clients, an attorney specializing in estates, wills and trusts, or an officer in a small to medium-sized bank, we invite you to consider partnering with us and joining our firm’s’ skills with yours for the benefit of your clients.

As the accumulation and preservation of wealth become ever more difficult and complex, high net worth clients require astute and comprehensive advice in helping to develop and implementing their wealth management plans. Creating such effective plans require a wide range of professional skills.

Choosing an advisor is one of the most important decisions a high net-worth individual, family or privately-held company leader can make. That is why so many have put their confidence and the security of their future in our hands.  We would be pleased to partner with you, joining our firm’s skills with yours for the benefit of your clients.

Skilled finance industry professionals sometimes can meet many of the wealth management needs of their clients. Sometimes, though, they must turn to colleagues to obtain competencies not contained within their organizations. These skills may range from formulating investment and retirement plans to wealth transfer mechanisms and tax-reducing insurance strategies.

South Western Financial Network and Insurance Services have been serving high net worth clients for two decades, with a client base that includes individuals and families; doctors, dentists, attorneys and other professionals; and small to moderate-sized, privately owned businesses, as well as professional colleagues serving this market. As one of only a handful of firms in the field skilled in integrating all of the disciplines necessary to help achieve optimal wealth management results, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop and implement plans for your clients.

You care about your clients. You have built a trusted relationship based on the dedicated and quality services you provide to them. Accordingly, you expect that any colleague that you bring into a relationship between you and your client must meet the high standards that you have set for excellence. In addition, you expect that any partner you choose will honor and respect your client relationship. We understand these considerations and have committed ourselves to certain principles in collaborating with our partners. We work for you to serve your clients. We consult with you about your clients’ needs before we meet with them.

All meetings with your clients are set by you and held in conjunction with you, unless you choose otherwise. All of our recommendations are reviewed and approved by you before we present them to your clients. We keep you informed of all communications with your clients and all progress in implementing and monitoring your clients’ program, subject to legal confidentiality considerations.  We always maintain the highest standards of practice.

Our success and growth at South Western Financial Network and Insurance Services is built on a sound and conservative approach to planning, a rigorous adherence to the highest standards of practice, and a singular dedication to helping our clients achieve their wealth management and lifestyle objectives.

Just as you are dedicated to your clients, we are dedicated to you, our partners, and to your clients. It is not unusual for colleagues to call us in the evening with an urgent client problem and have a recommendation on their desk the next day.

We have the flexibility to work with you and your clients to create any aspect of a wealth management program, or a comprehensive plan that incorporates and harmonizes all of the essential elements. We help to ensure that your clients can enjoy their assets during their lifetime and the lifetimes of their generations that follow them.

Whether your clients need a business succession plan or a comprehensive wealth management plan, we can put the needed experience and implementation capabilities into your office.

Among the integrated and comprehensive services that we can bring to you and your clients are the following:

We invite you to call our Managing Partner, John Andraos. We know your clients will thank you for the additional services that they will gain through our joint efforts.