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Outstanding agency that provides VIP treatment. When the insurance company refused to cover our property as a result of a small amount of exposed roofing, John and his staff immediately found a viable alternative. This is what you get when you have a broker who does all the legwork for you. Can’t say enough about the service.
karim chamie
John and his team are absolutely amazing. He is very professional, responsive and understands the clients needs. My experience with his service is truly top-notch. Yes I would recommend! Looking forward to many more years of mutual success!
Manolet Santos
Excellent guindance towards insurance and investment products for my business. John is a wealth of knowledge and an expert in his field. He is always available to help and I appreciate everything he has done for my family and I. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Jennifer Haddad
John Andraos, has been in the business a long time and it shows. He has helped reorganize my business model and structure my insurance plans. He has access to several insurance companies which allows the client to have to lowest price and global coverage.I would highly recommend Southwestern Financial Network.
c j
John and his team are very friendly always willing to help
May Shalhoub
John is the ultimate professional. He is caring, knowledgeable, resourceful and responsive. As an attorney, I feel comfortable referring my clients to him. He always makes me look good.
Navid Yadegar
I would highly recommend the services of South Western Financial Network. They are professional, attentive, and most importantly, knowledgeable. You can trust that they have your best interest in mind. Thank you again!
Anthony Hamassian
I use John Andraos and his team for all of my insurance needs. A+ service. He actually cares for his clientele and goes above and beyond what is expected.
Sam Tabibian
John and his team are so wonderful to work with. They have helped me with every stage of getting all my insurance policies ( health, life, and home). I couldn’t recommend them more for all your needs.
Jasmine Tawachi
I have worked with literally thousands of Financial Advisers, and Life Insurance Producers in my career as a wholesaler. John is one of the very few that puts client first 100% of the time. I have recommend working with him and his team.
craig miera
Trusted advisor, 12 years and counting. Thank you John and team
Aqua Masters
John was an amazing life insurance agent. He filed my moms life insurance policy with national life group and got the approval in a week! I’m currently in the process of getting my policy approved. Thanks again SFN!
Greg Chivitch
After many years of putting Life Insurance in the back of my mind, John Andraos guided and educated me on all the benefits. He was super easy to work with. I couldn’t be more satisfied from the service and quick communication that I have received from him and his agency.
Karl Markarian
Working with John Andraos helped me save money on my insurances premiums. His 30 years of experience of the insurance business and his depth of knowledge gave me a great sense of comfort that I am dealing with a professional. I would highly recommend him.
Elias Shahin
I’ve had all my insurance needs through John’s office for many years now. They have been great in responding to my inquiries. John & his team is great to work with. Any time I have questions or concerns, it will be answered within an hour or so through email. My schedule is busy and I prefer doing communication online so that really helps and saves me time from having to call back and forth. I like how they follow up yearly and review my policy to find ways to save on costs. Thank you for Southwestern Financial Network.
Brandon Coleman
John Andraos and his team do a GREAT job. Purchasing the policies was easy, any communication I received from them has never come with any pressure, and they are very knowledgeable. I have been Southwestern Financial Network for five years now, & the agents in John’s office are amazing themselves. John consistently makes sure there aren’t better options for me. It’s great to know that there are helpful insurance company’s out there with your best interests in mind! Such a refreshing change. Thanks guys! Keep it up.
Ibrahim Moghadam
My Wife and I have been with Southwestern Financial Network for over four years and have several policies through John Andraos. We came to him on the recommendation of satisfied friends and we have also recommended John to our family and friends. John carefully advised us through some complex insurance issues. He has taken care of us all very well, giving excellent advice, and patiently! Thank You Southwestern Financial Network!
Adrian Burgess
This place is AWESOME! I can’t believe how easy they make it to get health insurance… Plus, John got me down to a fraction of what I thought I was going to be paying.. I couldn’t possibly be any happier with the service I received here!!! If the whole idea of health insurance or auto insurance is just so intimidating that you don’t even want to mess with it, please get a hold of these guys I promise, you won’t regret it. Thanks again to John & everyone at Southwestern Financial Network!
James Hartman
John the owner of Southwestern Financial Network is very knowledgeable in finding the right health care plans for me and my family. Two years ago, we moved to Glendale from oversea and didn’t have any clues about US healthcare system. We found Southwestern Financial Network through good reviews, and we very happy to find them.John spent almost two hours with us explaining the complicated health care plans in a very simple manner and helped us choosing the right plans. We felt that we can trust his advice. To this day, Southwestern Financial Network has saved us a tons of $$$.We are pleased with his service and professionalism. So, happy to make new friend that we can count on. Thank You John & Southwestern Financial Network.
Allen Peterson
The best Insurance Agency I’ve ever seen! John is amazing, so so sweet and truly works so fast and diligently to make sure you are taken care of! I’m currently in the middle of looking for a different car (selling mine) and any make and model I need an insurance quote for he is so quick to give me the quote! Truly incredible to have an agent who is just a quick phone call away or email as well! He has always answered any questions with more than enough information for me to feel good and secure about my decisions with everything. I highly recommend John, he will definitely get you taken care of and have you feeling at ease. Thank you Southwestern Financial Network.
Robert Garcia
Give John Andraos a call he will take care of you. I have dealt with many insurance carriers over the years and John is the first one that I remember by name. Anytime I have any questions or problems I give him a call and it’s handled before my worries even have enough time to disappear. It’s really nice to know that I have somebody on my side with an insurance because we all know how scary that can be. After shopping around for a long time he gave me a great deal, better than anything I found online, and he answers the phone whenever I call. You really can rely on Southwestern Financial Network!
Jose Hernandez
I just wanted to comment that I was extremely happy with John Andraos help in signing me up for the insurance plan i needed. John was very knowledgeable and very prompt in responding to my questions and concerns. He saved me a lot of stress with the whole process. In addition to his professionalism, he is also a very caring person. I really appreciate John for all his help.
David Russo
I just switched over my auto and homeowners insurance to John Andraos with Southwestern Financial Network and his approach was above and beyond anyone I’ve worked with before. He takes the time to explain insurance options for people and doesn’t have a cookie cutter approach. He can work with any budget to find a policy that fits your needs. I recommend that everyone give him a call!
Tom Hilbert
The best agency I have known. The office was clean and make me feel comfortable right at the first step . The service was excellent. I had been waiting for 3 days from other agency to get my liability insurance, at my last day to submit the policy I called John Andraos and he got it for me in an hour. Really appreciated the service . Been recommended all my friends and family. Thank you!
I highly recommended Southwestern Financial Network for all your insurance needs! John Andraos was incredibly helpful with explaining our options for insurance. Customer service was excellent. He was always available to answer questions.he offered competitive rates and made the process smooth and easy.
Sande Mayott
I have had a very positive experience with the SW Financial Insurance Services Agency. John Andraos is very honest and has integrity. He follows up and pays attention to detail where I highly recommend using John and his team.
One of the best experiences I’ve had doing business without John. He guided me to get the best life insurance for me and my family. I also recommended him to all of my friends.
Bako Kaye
Dealing with SWFN has been a positive experience honest dependable dealing with John Andraos was very positive he listens and pays attention to my needs and design a program custom to my personal situation. I highly recommend him and his agency.
Anahid Krile

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