Hey everyone. My name is Lauren. I’m one of the directors here at South Western Financial Network and today I’m answering a question submitted by a client that I think is really important for other people to be aware of.
So the question is, “Will my homeowner’s insurance cover mold?”
So first of all, in general, most policies are not going to cover mold because it’s not a standard loss. So if you want this coverage, you need to elect it as an endorsement.
Why is it so important? Why is it critical? Why do I care?
Well, a lot of these claims are made because the client, the insured, discovered a surprise infestation, a slow leak, long exposure, maybe some pipe in the wall or under the floor burst. Maybe it was damaged from months and months and that water that escapes creates that mold or a fungi and next thing you know, you have a huge loss. So this endorsement is really inexpensive. Definitely worth it, in the event that you yourself find one of these gifts under your floors, behind your walls, in your home in general. So highly recommended. Not necessary, but definitely recommended to add to your policy.
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