A Name From You, A Safe Space For The Children

“School got canceled today” four simple words to make a kid jump up and down on any weekday morning. Whether it is because of a teacher training workshop, a storm, or any other reason, there is no better news for a kid…or at least for most kids. Many people don’t know that there are thousands of kids in the state of California that have nowhere to be if it’s not in school, and we want to help change this.

Many kids are left alone at home after school, on holidays, or summer vacations, because their guardians work and can’t afford any after-school clubs, activities, or nannies. Often, this results in kids finding companionship and activities on the street while hanging around the wrong crowd and participating in illicit activities. We want to keep kids from this future. 

Since 1972, the Boys & Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley has built a safe and structured environment for children to join after-school activities and find companionship. They have found a way to keep hundreds of kids from being left alone and unsupervised after school, during the holidays, and during the summer vacations.

Our team here at Southwestern Financial Network is incredibly inspired by their efforts and has decided to support their cause. So, we are now offering to donate $20 in your name for every referral you send our way for a no-obligation quote. Think about how many children would have a place to be thanks to you for just giving us one name! Will you join us?


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