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John Andraos
Phone: (818) 551-6600

John Andraos, Partner at SWFN, stands at the forefront of the fast-moving industry; Capital and Business Management. Today, with over 25 years of experience, John has mentored a diverse book of entrepreneurs, and individuals on how to create and manage their wealth.  A calculated risk-taker, with a deep understanding of economic and social trends, John has motivated his clients to embrace his creative strategies, which result in consistent financial prosperity.

John is most fulfilled when helping people grow professionally, and personally. His vision and ability to nurture relationships lead to long term success and solutions.

This passion developed from his experience as an immigrant and entrepreneur in America. Without financial support or mentorship, John overcame many personal and professional obstacles. Today those experiences serve as advantages in his own life, and the lives of his clients. 

Embracing the core values of integrity, accountability, and perseverance, John ranks among the top financial advisors and continues to receive accolades such as the PPC, Professional Plan Consultant. Today, John’s ultimate goal in life and in business is to: provide support and opportunities to those who are courageous enough to pursue their passions, and create lasting wealth for individuals and their families. 

Lauren Bissada
Director of Marketing & Operations

Gifted with a sharp mind, and an innate ability to connect with people, Lauren administers transformative strategies that promote brand exposure, revenue growth, and team synergy.

Lauren began her career in Corporate sales where she excelled in metric-driven environments, relationship development, and revenue growth. As a result, she quickly promoted to management positions and leadership roles. She quickly discovered supporting companies with; strategic efficiency plans, creative communication practices, and nurturing client relations is the best way to enhance the business’s bottom line, and retain lasting clientele.

At SWFN Laurens’s top priority is to elevate the client experience by; promoting a “client first” mindset, ensuring responsiveness, teamwork, and attention to detail. Working closely with the CEO on his vision for the business, and executing the plans to get there is where Laurens’s professional endeavors are focused.

Karla Landaverde
Director of Property & Casualty Insurance Sales

Profoundly driven and a perfectionist by nature, Karla is committed to her clients and their experience with Southwestern Financial Network. Karla devotes her time to ensuring flawless placements, client satisfaction, and promoting team morale.

Within 6 years, Karla quickly achieved major professional milestones, which resulted in her promotion to “Director of Property and Casualty Sales”. Her success, she claims, is directly linked to her responsiveness, work ethic, and positive attitude.  Her most gratifying role in the office is guiding new advisors on their path to making lasting relationships with clients, and building a solid business.

Karla is passionate about delivering professionalism, and personality to her clients. Karla works with the understanding that life and business are ever-changing; she meticulously maintains, and regularly enhances a database that helps clients transition through their professional and personal life as they see fit.

Karla’s reliability, attitude, and attention to detail are all promises to drive successful expansion to her clients and our team.

Julita Dela Cuesta
Disability Insurance Rep

Julita has well over 25 years of experience as an insurance executive, however, this was not her first chosen profession. Her first career as a Nurse lasted 17 years. After the loss of her daughter, Johanna, she became an advocate for protecting families in a new way.

This mid-life transition was welcomed by many successes. The first, began with her employment at New York Life, a prestigious firm that provided industry-leading training. Through her tenure, she gained priceless knowledge in her field, life and disability insurance, and now specializes in helping individuals and families navigate through unexpected times.

In addition to professional planning, Julita also coordinates annual charity events with the Southern California Filipino dental society, and Kasama Kita Sa Barangay. This work provides an opportunity for medical professionals to administer medicine and health aid to underprivileged people in the Philippines. 

As a result of her personal and professional endeavors, Julita maintains strong connections with Doctors, Dentists, and high echelon executives. Taking an active role in planning for the future with her clients is where she thrives. Julita serves as a constant reminder that life is precious, hard work is rewarded, and what we do at SWFN is life-changing. 

Will D Martinez
Director of Life & Disability Underwriting

An industry expert with more than 20 years of experience in Life and Disability Insurance sales, Will has a proven ability to foster relationships and encourage clients to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

Will is distinguished by his extensive knowledge and training with prestigious firms, as a result, he delivers comprehensive strategies to clients that best serve them and their families. Will considers himself a “client advocate” who asks the right questions, listens, and engages individuals in a way that leaves them more confident in their future. As a result, he has produced healthy, enduring results for families and high echelon executives.

Will is a person who demonstrates a commitment to his work and his word, whose opinion is highly sought after, and whose judgment is respected and trusted. Servicing clients, coordinating projects, and motivating team members to lead by example, make him an integral part of our team.